Monday, March 30, 2009

German- English Translation!

Hey everybody. Thanks to German super-fan, Daniel V., the German interview has been roughly translated. It's not a perfect translation because he's only taken 3 years of English, but it's all I got so I declare it to be awesome! Here it is...

"stories from the Internet. A young Americans to build the Wii video game from Lego after, closes them to the wall socket, and hard to believe the thing works and looks almost exactly like the original console. Of course, this is only a trick and a game of Lego, there are only Webclip. But over 2 million Internet users have already viewed the film. The maker of this clip, we have discovered America, he says Koobz Alex, is 20 years old and studied film in massechusettes. "The idea I had for three days before Video tournament The closing occurred to me absolutely nothing, but then I had a dream. Ichsah myself as I get a Wii console, Lego assembly and I thought what a great idea. I woke up at 4 clock in the morning and I started the console from Lego zuammenzubauen. " The clip has Kobz when Alex is home and he shot himself is also the Hauptdarrsteller. First we see him as he complains about postal packet is happy, he breaks it and pours it on the table. But the Legolawiene does not seem to stop. It pours and pours and pours up a large pile of Lego piles on his desk, then he built the game together, and even the remote control. The so-called game controller is completely reconstructed in detail. "Many tell me that it Hanz looks really nice, but everything is built from Lego bricks and the remote is only made from Lego. Everything from 100% original all built with Lego bricks." A really funny idea, but not all have the video. His surprise got Legobaumeister Alex Kobz also angry reactions. "I Ahbe a few negative comments received. people accusing me I have no life or no friend, that I do not know where to put my time. But I can not see that these people with their lives something productive with her life. So I have the attack is not taken seriously. " Because some critics regretted Alex but not the video to have made. Instead he felt during a vacation in a miniature golf course, it feels like an Internet star to be. "A group of children are innocent and asked ohh you're Alex Kobz? And I said yes. Do you have the Internet Wii Lego made on the Internet? I was amazed and all the children came and asked me about the Internet. I thought WOW! My unit known in the Internet, was to the fame in real life. Pretty cool. A idea what he had in his sleep, has made him known. The clip with the Legowiikonsole, you can now jump to watch tv. clip X. from History the Internet."

Thanks again Daniel. I appreciate it. 

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