Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another translation

Yet another German to English translation of the Lego Wii interview. Thanks for whoever did this. They didn't leave a name.

"Hi, I just translated the german response video to the Lego Wii. Maybe there are some mistakes in the text, so correct it please ;)

I translated everything but the text you say when you are interviewed.

Heres the translation:

Stories of the internet
A joung american builds the video game console Wii out of Lego, plugs it in, and - hard to beleave - it works and looks very similar to the original console.
This is just a joke for sure, and a video gaming console made out of lego only exists in the webclip. But: More than 2 million internetuser have already watched the video.
We found the author of the video in America: His name is Alex Kobz, he is 20 years-old, and studies film / video in massachusettes.
The clip was filmed at Alex Kobz' home and he is the leading actor. First you see him being glad about a package he just got from the post.
He opens it and discharges it over the table. But the Lego avalanche wont stop: He discharges and discharges and discharges, until there is a big heap of Legos on his table.
Then he builds the Console and even the remote-control is built absolutely true-to-detail. A really funny idea (in german lustig (funny) doesnt mean its strange,
it means its just fun), but not everybody liked the video: To his astonishment, Alex Cobs got bad reactions / comments to / on his video: Just because of some criticians,
he isnt sorry to have made the video. Instead he felt at a golf course how it feels to be an internet star. An idea which he got by sleeping has made alex Kobz famous.
You can now watch the clip with the Lego Gaming Console by Jump Tv. Clip X - Stories of the Internet. Everyday at 14:40 at Jump. (would be 2pm :P)"

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