Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Impressions

I'll be blunt and quick to the point.  My name is Alex Kobbs and I am an animator and Lego brick enthusiast. My college major is officially film, however I usually concentrate on animation. Stop-Motion is my specialty...used only for the power of good. I came to the worldwide internet scene in June 2007 when I revealed my Lego Wii video to the world. Originally made as my entry for the Nintendo Shortcuts video contest, this short 5 minute video gained more than 2.5 million views, and this number is still climbing today. My next major hit was the reveal of my Lego Zanzibar model ( a scale model of a multiplayer map from the Halo 2 video game, re-created entrely out of Lego bricks). The youtube video became one of the most circulated videos amongst gamers, appearing on major game-news sites such as Kotaku and earning it's spot on the front page of digg.com for a whole week. Today, I am currently going to college and honing my skills while reaching for my degree. When the summer rolls around, I'll finish work on my major Lego project that I've been working on for the last 6 years; a stop-motion short using Lego Spartans and the Lego Zanzibar diorama. I have a couple new projects up my sleeves that should excite Lego fans (and maybe some Starcraft fans) and I should be announcing these soon enough. I'm always looking for work, suggestions, and opportunities to network. Please feel free to contact me. I can't answer all comments about my videos of course, and I easily delete spam, but if your inquiry is genuine and significant I will usually get back to you quite soon. 

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