Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have you ever seen that deraccel commercial where there's a mother in a park and she realizes she lost her kid? Then she panics and looks around, but doesn't find him until she pulls out her hand-dandy child bracelet locator? Well, if you've ever had a mildly popular video begin to surface on the internet (or any content for that matter) you become a bit attached and proud of it, even if you say you aren't. So natturaly, when my Lego Wii video stopped playing and instead displayed a "this video is no longer available message," I began to panic. It was down for quite some time as I understand it, and this had never happened to one of my videos before. I thought it had been removed from the site----maybe Nintendo asked to have it taken down! But alas, my fears were quickly erased when I went onto the help forums and realized that it's just a generic message to indicate that the video is lagging/timing out. Whew. Just a small bump in the road...nothing major. The vid is back up and fine.

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