Sunday, February 21, 2010

Games Master Article

Just recieved copies of the UK only gaming magazine: Games Master. This zeene is way crazier than anything I've seen here in the states. The layout is packed with info, photo's and sort of looks like it was made for someone with ADHD. I think Gamepro needs to take a clue from these guys because the attention span of today's U.S. gamer is rapidly deteriorating.

The interview about me is above...including the goofy picture of me and all its glory. I love that they used the still of the Warthog crushing the yellow flower. I distincltly remember animating that saying, "no-one is going to see this, but it's so awesome!" I'm glad I was wrong. I hope I can reach out more to my UK fans, and maybe this will help. If any of you are reading this due to the article...thanks for visiting.

P.S.- the side project I've mentioned should be out this week if all goes according to plan.

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